The Story Behind Bel Air Skin Science.

Our mission is to bring to market the most effective anti-aging skincare products - period! With this in mind, we searched for the most nourishing ingredients possible.

Not only did we uncover all the essential ingredients, we also discovered harmonious ways for them to naturally compound. While this was an incredible achievement, it was just the first step in our journey to success.

The next and most lucrative step would be collaborating with renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons – to create a revolutionary, scientific formula that would help women be ‘the best’ version of themselves.

Doctors and researchers spent countless time in the lab, researching and consulting, experimenting and testing so that they could create a skincare product that would scientifically reduce the effects of aging.

After an exhausting and constructive year, we finally bottled what would become our bestselling product - Formula No.1 Lift + Sculpt.

We are proud to bring you the first formula in our new line of scientifically formulated anti aging skin care products, that will make you feel good - both inside and out.

About the Science

Bel Air Skin Science Lift and Sculpt contains only ingredients proven in third party independent clinical studies to be effective at smoothing wrinkles, fading dark spots and adding lift to key areas.

In fact, its ingredients are so potent that they have been found to deliver noticeable enhancement to topical layers of the skin in only seven days. The enhancement in skin hydration, plumpness and tonacity tonicity then continue to build with each application.

Clinical study results include :

  • 53% wrinkle reduction

  • 100% improvement in elasticity

  • 42% reduced skin roughness

  • 200% improvement in relative moisture

  • 75% improved firmness